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New site address:

This blog will soon be moving to its own hosted servers. Please bookmark or remember the new  URL for this blog at:

A new site is being tested and this blog will no longer be updated after the migration takes place in 1-2 months time. In the meantime, this blog is the primary site and will be updated as normal until the new site is ready to be published.

If any reader has any tips or advice on how this site should be run, please feel free to offer me some advice or feedback at:

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New Discussion Forum


A new discussion forum has been added for this website. This blog remains the primary feature-news site. The forum is primarily to allow readers to post, discuss and share business and investment-related news about the Bangladeshi economy. It can be found on the following link:

Please feel free to repost any of the articles posted here and discuss them.

Thank You.

This site has moved

This site has moved, Please bookmark the new URL:

This site on wordpress is now an archive, the new site is on the URL above. Please go to that URL for the latest news.