JS passes Bangladesh Atomic Energy Control Bill-2012


JS passes Bangladesh Atomic Energy Control Bill-2012

SANGSAD BHABAN, May 31 (BSS)- The Jatiya Sangsad today passed the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Control Bill-2012 with a view to facilitating peaceful use of nuclear power.

State Minister for Science and Technology Architect Yeafes Osman piloted the bill in the House. Later, the bill was passed in voice votes.

The bill proposed constitution of a five-member regulatory body titled ‘Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority’ headed by a chairman. In the bill, the words authorization holder, sabotage, import and export, ionizing radiation, source material, commission, radioactive material, radioactive waste and management, radioactivity, nuclear incident, nuclear fuel, nuclear accident, nuclear safety, nuclear material, nuclear damage, nuclear reactor, nuclear radiological emergency, nuclear energy, security, nuclear installation, atomic energy, specified equipment, specified non-nuclear material, radiation, radiation protection, overseas operator or operator, physical protection and facility source were defined afresh.

The bill has the provision of not to allow any authorized person, operator or overseas operator to select site for setting up any nuclear or radiation installation, prepare design, carryout construction, commission, operate and decommission, shut down disposal center of nuclear waste and open any restricted area without approval under the rules of the authorities.

The bill has made specific provisions for the process of approving nuclear radiation and nuclear waste disposal centers, authorization of controlling import and export of related equipment, suspension and cancellation of approval, safety and security of radioactive material, protection against radiation, physical safety, procedure of maintaining state accounts related to nuclear materials, management of nuclear waste and used fuel, taking emergency preparation and measures.

Besides, the bill also has specific provisions of preparing nuclear and radiological emergency plan, liability of operator or overseas operator, liability of duration of transportation, responsibility, financial safeguard, compensation, jurisdiction, inspection and taking measures, misdeeds, trials and punishments.

Earlier on May 27, State Minister for Science and Technology Architect Yeafes Osman placed the bill in the House. The cabinet approved the draft of the bill on March 29.


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