‘Provide infrastructures, see expats’ investments’


‘Provide infrastructures, see expats’ investments’
Staff Correspondent

The Bangladesh government needs to provide sufficient infrastructures, utility services and land to see a good chunk of UK investment coming in the country’s industrial sector, said a visiting speaker of a London borough council.

Mizanur Rahman Chaudhury, Tower Hemlets Speaker of Council, also stressed the need to build special industrial zones and develop good governance to attract the Bangladeshi expatriates in London to invest in their own country.

The Speaker of Council came up with these suggestions when he met Industries Minister Dilip Barua in Dhaka on Sunday.

“Bangladeshi expatriates will be attracted to invest here in industrial sector if they find sufficient infrastructural supports along with special industrial zones,” Mizanur Rahman Chaudhury said, adding that the country has made significanct progress in overall economic condition.

He emphasised construction of special industrial zones, particularly in Sylhet, where the Bangladeshi expatriates in London could invest under public-private partnership.

Dilip Barua said the government prioritised the development of modern technology industries in the country. “Special industrial zones are being set up to attract the foreign investors.”

Dilip Barua highlighted the package incentives for the both local and foreign investors, saying that the government was offering facilities like tax holiday, freedom to use profit and residence permit for them.

“Both local and foreign investors can enjoy facilities equally,” he said, adding that a congenial atmosphere for investment prevailed in the country.

Dilip Barua urged the Bangladeshi expatriates in London to come up with industrial investments and contribute to economic development of their own country.


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