Bumper production of aromatic rice achieved in RAZ


Bumper production of aromatic rice achieved in RAZ

RANGPUR, Jan 1 (BSS) – The farmers have achieved bumper production of aromatic rice in all eight districts under Rangpur Agriculture Zone (RAZ) during the just ended T-Aman season.

Officials in the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said cultivation of aromatic rice has been increasing in recent years because of huge demand and higher market prices.

Horticulture Specialist Khondker Md Mesbahul Islam of the DAE told BSS today that farmers had cultivated aromatic rice on 21,871 hectares of land and produced 45,929 tonnes rice with an average yield rate of 2.1 tonnes per hectare in terms of clean rice in the zone.

The farmers mostly cultivated Kalijira, Kataribhog, Rasulbhog, Badshabhog, Chinigura, Nonia, Uknimadhu, Birsha Bhog, Basmati, Dulabhog and Begunbichi and other varieties of aromatic rice in RAZ.

Renowned rice scientist and Dinajpur Hub Manager of Cereal System Initiatives for South Asia Dr MA Mazid said prospects of expanded aromatic rice farming are brighter in the region.

He put importance on improving the crushing and processing systems for aromatic rice and said the Basmati, Chinigura, Kalijira, BR-5 and BRRI dhan 34 and other varieties being produced in the region, are attracting buyers in the international markets.

“Medium low- land is suitable for farming all varieties of aromatic rice and its production can be increased by and large through making necessary seeds easily available and ensuring an additional supplementary irrigation while farming,” he said.

Advisor of RDRS Bangladesh and agri-scientist Dr Syed Samsuzzaman urged for increasing exports by boosting aromatic rice production and put importance on introduction of integrated pest managements and maximum use of composts.

According to the experts, aromatic rice including Basmati, Chinigura, Kalijira and BRRI dhan 34 being produced in the region are of international standard and already attracting the buyers in the global markets.


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