Drilling at Sunetra structure in February


Drilling at Sunetra structure in February
1st well likely to supply 20mmcf of gas
Shamim Jahangir

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (Bapex) Limited is going to mobilise an exploration rig at country’s potential Sunetra gas structure next month to begin drilling an exploratory well in February, 2012.

“We are preparing to move an exploration rig from Fenchuganj gas field in Sylhet to Sunetra structure late next month,” Bapex Managing Director Mortuza Ahmad Faruque told daily sun on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Bapex drilled a new well at Fenchuganj to produce 20mmcfd (million cubic feet gas per day) gas there.

Faruque said the Bapex drilling team is now preparing to drill the exploratory well at the potential gas structure.

The estimated cost to drill the exploratory well is Tk 800 million, which Bapex would receive from gas development fund, the Bapex chief said.

The Gas Development Fund has a fund of around Tk 8 billion, Petrobangla sources said.

In the middle of this year, Bapex had placed a Tk 2.79 billion development project proposal (DPP) before the government on drilling a total of four exploratory wells at Sunetra gas structure located in Sunamganj and Netrokona districts.

An estimated 2.5 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas was found at the structure.

The government has already decided to mobilise fund from the Gas Development Fund for the Sunetra project.

According to a previous DPP, the implementation period of the project was divides in two phases — exploration in the first phase from December this year to June next year and development of the structure in the second phases from July 2012 to June 2014.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Division, however, has sent back the DPP and asked the Bapex to submit a revised proposal immediately.

Bapex discovered the Sunetra structure last year through conducting a seismic survey on 260 square-kilometre area in the districts and estimated a gas reserve of over 2.5 TCF, enough to meet the existing gas demand for about three years or to meet the present supply shortage of 500 mmcfd for about 15 years.

To facilitate development works of the structure, a 3.5-kilometer driveway has already been reconstructed on an emergency basis.

The Bapex earlier had a plan to drill the exploratory well at Sunetra structure in the current month. But it was delayed as the construction firm allegedly failed to complete the driveway in time, a Petrobangla official said.

Bapex, the state owned exploration and production company, has already prepared a 20-year roadmap to explore oil and gas in 74 exploratory and development wells in 23 onshore block structures in the country, an official said.

According to the roadmap, Bapex would drill 13 exploratory wells between 2011 and 2015. By this time, it will drill four exploratory wells at Sunetra.


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