Victory Day concert highlights local products

Victory Day concert highlights local products
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A grand concert, Walton Victory Festival Mega Concert, was held at Birshrestha Mostafa Kamal Stadium at Kamalapur in the city on Friday highlighting local industries and products.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Victory Day, Walton organised the concert in association with Ministry of Liberation War, Onemore Zero Communications and Channel I.

The six-hour concert, which was open to all, enthralled the audience with both patriotic and popular numbers by leading singers and bands of the country.

Renowned singers Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin, Shuvro Dev, Hasan, Kaniz Suborna, Momtaz, Pothik Nobi, Hyder Hossain, Kanak Chapa, Aiub Bachchu, Subir Nandi, Biplob, Monir Khan, Fuad and Ebrar Tipu performed at the concert. Musical bands Shurna, Miles and Sheronamhin also performed at the concert.

All the performers presented at least one patriotic number each along with their trendy tracks. Some private television channels will telecast the programme next Friday considering the request of public.

At the programme a documentary film was displayed highlighting the history and potentiality of local industries and products. It also highlighted the glorious history of Bangladesh cricket.

Chairman of Walton Megashop Mizanur Rahman presented a crest to Chairman of Bangladesh Cricket Board AHM Mostafa Kamal.

In his speech, Mizanur Rahman said: “In 40 years, Bangladesh has made huge success in different sectors including garments, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, cement and real estate”. Bangladesh is doing well in electronics and automobile. Heavy and high-tech factories have been established in the country. Walton Hi-tech Industries set up in Gazipur is manufacturing world standard and qualitative products. Walton brand fridge, television, motorcycle, air-conditioner and other products are being exported to different countries including developed ones in Europe, he said.

“It is a matter of pride for us that Walton is now not only a product name rather that it has become a brand. Different products written ‘Made in Bangladesh’ are building country’s good image”, Mizanur Rahman said.

Walton Boishakhi Star has been introduced in a bid to seek several brand ambassadors among the local showbiz stars. In future, Walton also will take different initiatives to flourish local culture and promote local artistes, he also said.


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