Bangladesh all set for global outsourcing hub for RMG

Bangladesh all set for global outsourcing hub for RMG

DHAKA, Dec 18 (BSS) – From the today’s position of the world’s second largest apparel exporters, Bangladesh all is set for getting the status of the global outsourcing hub in the next decade.

“With garment buyers moving out of China, the sourcing caravan is moving on to the next hotspot Bangladesh,” the latest report of McKinsey & Company said, providing an overview of the rapid growth of Bangladesh apparel sector with its prospect and areas of concern.

The report, prepared by the highly creditable and trusted German consultant in association with the Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BGCCI), will be released on Tuesday. But, it is now available on McKinsey’s website.

Citing the trend of global buyers, the report forecast that Bangladesh would fetch up to US$ 42 billion from RMG export in the next 10 years with maintaining an annual growth between 7 and 9 percent.

The report in its near-term estimate also said that the earning would be double by 2015 and triple by 2020.

According to the report, Bangladesh will be able the next hot-spot of RMG outsourcing even though the other countries in Southeast Asia will increase their exports to the global market.

The report said a growing number of chief purchasing officers (CPOs) of Europe and US apparel companies are reviewing their sourcing strategies after margin and supplier capacity pressure promoted them search the next viable source.

With Bangladesh having developed a strong position among Europe and US buyers, many companies from overseas are eagerly evaluating the future potential.

The report said the global buyers once considered China as “the place to be” for outsourcing, but they are now shifting their focus on Bangladesh with bigger target.

In 2010, China dominated RMG imports to Europe and the US with 40 per cent of the import volume in each region. The macro trends of wage increases and capacity pressure, however, have proven to heavy weigh on the Chinese RMG sector.

McKinsey’s survey shows that CPOs of leading apparel buyers in Europe and the US almost unanimously favor moving some of their sourcing away from China.

As western RMG buyers search for the ‘next China’, they are evaluating all options to strengthen their proximity sourcing, moving on to Northwest China, Southeast Asia and Fareast supplier countries. Bangladesh is clearly the preferred next stop for the sourcing caravan.

The report said the advantages in price, capacity, capability and trade regulations provides the base for positive RMG growth in Bangladesh, which will be accelerated further in the future, driven by the increasing demand of international buyers from Europe, US and many emerging markets.

The report, however, said that the country’s RMG sector would face some major challenges to achieve the status of global hub. The challenges include poor infrastructure, limited inland transport alternatives and lack of deep-sea port.

Bangladesh started RMG export in 1978 when the country earned only US$12,000. This earning over the years increased rapidly and stood at US$17.91 million this year.

Presently, the country exports quality garment items to USA, EU, Canada, Germany, France, UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Japan and India are the potential markets for Bangladesh’s apparels.


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