Keep believing in yourself

Keep believing in yourself
Successful businesspeople urge young Bangladeshis
Star Business Report

Bangladesh has its success stories. But a lack of confidence and self-underrating holds the country back in realising its full potential, said a panel of top business executives yesterday.

They said such attitudes should be changed. Instead, confidence in own ability and continuous efforts of all should be the national motto leitmotifs to achieve excellence for building a prosperous Bangladesh.

“We have to change our attitude that we cannot. We are poor. This attitude has nipped our possibilities in the bud,” said Niaz Rahim, group director of automotive battery maker-supermarket pioneer Rahimafrooz.

“We can if we try. You have to be humble and confident. Do not underrate yourself, your country. Believe in yourself,” he said, citing that continuous efforts and an urge to compete globally have helped Rahimafrooz to export its automotive battery to 34 countries, including China and India.

Rahim made the remark at a gathering of under and post-graduate students of the Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Department of IPE and Association of Industrial Production Engineers (AIPE) jointly organised the event titled IPE Symposium.

Chairman of export-oriented shipbuilding firm Ananda Shipyard Abdullahel Bari, Director of Corporate Affairs of cosmetics and toiletries maker Kohinoor Chemical Abul Khair and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of furniture giant Otobi Ltd Mohammed Kamruz Zaman also spoke on the occasion.

Rahim said Bangladesh needs to stand up with identity as a nation. For this, a change of the negative mindset of the Bangladeshis is a must.

“When we go abroad, many of us feel humiliated to introduce ourselves as Bangladeshis. We have to shun this mindset. This country belongs to us. This is our identity.”

Khair said Bangladesh has many outstanding and courageous entrepreneurs who are carrying forward the industrialisation in the country despite various barriers.

“Once we bought ferries from Denmark. Now we export to that country,” said the chairman of Ananda Shipyard.

Giving tips to students about success in life and career, Rahim said none should give up in trying succeeding.

“You have to be positive. Do not give up,” he said. “We did not give up. That’s why, our battery is going to China, which exports its products to the whole world.”

Khair suggested students and young employees to refrain from frequently changing workplaces. “You have to give your employer adequate space to evaluate your performance,” he said.

Otobi COO recommended that students stick to honesty throughout to shine in life. “Be humble but don’t accept unjust practices,” he said.


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