Amena gets YBI award

Amena gets YBI award
Business Report

A Bangladeshi woman entrepreneur and proprietor of Amir Tailors and Boutique, Amena Begum has won the Barclays Capital Journey to Enterprise Award in the Youth Business International award 2011 held at London Museum recently organized by Youth Business International (YBI) which is a trust of Prince Charles.

Chairperson of the SME Foundation, Industries Minister Dilip Barua and Co Chief Executive of Barclays Capital Rich Ricci presented the award in a gala ceremony.

Amena Begum established her business as a means of supporting her three children after being widowed as a young woman. From a small one-woman enterprise, her business ‘Amir Tailors and Boutique’ has grown to employ eight staff and has established links with some of the key retailers in Bangladesh. Alongside her growing business, Amena manages a training centre where she shares her skills with other vulnerable young women.


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