3.50 cr tonne rice production target fixed


3.50 cr tonne rice production target fixed

DHAKA, Dec 7 (BSS) – The government has set a national target to produce nearly 3.50 crore tonnes of rice including aus, aman and boro along with other non-cereal crops, spices and vegetables during the winter season this fiscal, giving emphasis on hybrid rice production.

As per the national target, the government also has a plan to increase production of other non-rice cereal crops like maize, wheat and different kinds of pulses along with winter vegetables, oilseeds and spices.

Under the target, 1.87 crore tonnes of boro rice from 47.80 lakh hectares, 1.33 crore tonnes aman from 56.30 lakh hectares and the rest 27.50 lakh tonnes of aus rice, are expected to come from 12 lakh hectares of land during the rabi season, revealed by a source close to the target fix-up committee under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) here today.

In boro production, 1.65 crore tonnes of high yielding variety (HYV), nearly 30 lakh tonnes of hybrid and only 93,000 tonnes local variety boro rice are expected to be produced during the fiscal year.

In 2010-11, country’s hybrid rice production was only 28 lakh tonnes from 6.53 lakh hectares of land, but now the hybrid rice production has increased significantly.

Talking about this year’s plan for increased hybrid rice production, additional secretary of the ministry Anwar Faruq told BSS that “the government plans to increase hybrid rice production mainly for lifting the country’s overall rice production by popularizing it [hybrid variety] among the farmers.”

The government also has set a target to produce 9.75 lakh tonne wheat and 16.49 lakh tonne maize, the second largest crop after the rice, respectively from 3.75 and 2.40 lakh hectares of land.

The committee also has fixed a production target of 83.26 tonne potato, 71.73 lakh bale jute and nearly 1.20 crore tonnes of vegetables during the winter season.

It also plans to produce 7.74 lakh tonne pulses including Mung, Masur, Matar, Maskalai and Arhar.

Besides this, 2.72 lakh tonnes of chilli, 1.40 lakh tonnes of turmeric, 5.88 lakh tonnes of mustard, 2 lakh tonnes of ginger, 16.20 lakh tones of onion, 4.16 lakh tonnes of garlic and 6.20 lakh tonnes of sweet potato are also to be produced during the current winter season.

About the production target, the director general of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Habibur Rahman, said the production target has already been sent to the field and massive imitative has been taken to materialise the target programme.


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