Bumper winter vegetables likely in Rajshahi region


Bumper winter vegetables likely in Rajshahi region

RAJSHAHI, Dec 3 (BSS)- Like the previous couple year, farmers and Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) are expecting a bumper production of winter vegetables in the northern region including vast barind tract during the current Rabi season.

Early farming of the vegetables under the changed climatic condition and cropping patterns contributed to surplus output, officials said.

Vegetables’ farming becomes most profitable than other crops in recent years bringing fortunes to thousands of farmers and commoners in the region during the past few years.

The DAE has fixed an all time record production target of 10 lakh tonnes winter vegetables from around 80,000 hectares of land in all eight districts under the Rajshahi Agricultural Zone with an average yield rate of 16 tonnes per hectare during the current season.

This has become possible because the DAE, Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute, Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation and many NGOs supplied adequate quality seeds, other agro-inputs and provided necessary technical assistance to the farmers.

Besides, different commercial banks, Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank and NGOs disbursed agriculture loans and interest-free loans among the farmers to make the massive winter vegetables farming programme successful.

Meanwhile, the early harvest of the winter vegetables also made the farmers happy, as they are getting better prices at the beginning of the season, farmers and market sources said.

The farmers have still been continuing cultivation of winter vegetables after harvesting the early and short duration variety of Aman paddies and harvesting of the early variety vegetables.

‘Farming of late variety winter vegetables will continue further, even after the harvesting of traditional variety T-Aman paddy in the region,’ the DAE officials said.

The DAE officials are expecting a super bumper production of winter vegetables, including potato, during the current Rabi season following further reduction of prices of the non-urea fertilizers by the government.

Meanwhile, the vegetables traders and middlemen have already started exporting huge quantities of early variety vegetables to other parts of the country by trucks.


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