Ctg gas crisis to be eased


Ctg gas crisis to be eased
Author / Source : STAFF REPORTER

CHITTAGONG, NOV 21: The hydrostatic test of the 65-kilometre long 10-inch-diameter gas pipeline has been successfully completed this afternoon.

The officials of Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Limited (KGDCL) are saying that they are ready to distribute gas available from Semutang gas field through the pipeline. The test of distribution of gas from Semutang gas field to Nasirabad began on Saturday and ended on Monday afternoon. The test has been successful cent per cent, the officials claimed.

Sanowar Hussain, managing director of the company said that the installation of 65-kilometre long 10-inch-diameter gas pipeline from the Semutang gas field to Chittagong has earlier been completed at a cost of Tk 20 crore.

Pipeline Engineers & Associates constructed 31 kilometre long 10-inch diameter  pipeline from Semutang gas field to Nazirhat, while Technic Construction constructed 34-kilometre long 10-inch pipeline from Nazirhat to Oxygen point in the city.

Sanwar said that the state-owned gas production company BAPEX had completed the drilling of Semutang gas field located in Chittagong Hill Tracts that may produce nearly 25 mmcft of gas daily.

The total recoverable gas in the field is 150 billion cft. The supply from the gas field is expected to begin in December.

BAPEX has started drilling the field aiming at supplying gas to Chittagong region.

Besides, the port city will get another 40 mmcft daily from the next month, the source pointed out.

The source said the production in Salda gas field will also begin in the first week of December while the production in Sundalpur gas field may begin at the end of December.

Semutang gas field would supply more than 25 mmcft of gas while the Salda gas field would supply 22 mmcft of gas daily. Sundalpur gas field would supply more than 12 mmcft of gas daily.

Chittagong is now getting more than 216 mmcft gas per day. With the beginning of production in these three fields, the total gas supply to Chittagong will increase to more than 280 mmcft of gas.

Despite the increase of gas supply in the port city, the demand, however, would not be met fully as it needs more than 429 mmcfd of gas to feed its all consumers including two biggest fertiliser factories and six power generating units.

Of the total demand of 429 mmcft, the Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company (KAFCO) needs 50 mmcft, Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Company Limited (CUFL) needs 50 mmcft, Karnaphuli Paper Mills Limited (KPM) needs 10 mm cft and PDB plants need 162 mmcft of gas daily.


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