Power, energy research council by next month


Power, energy research council by next month
Appointing experts with handsome payment suggested
Shamim Jahangir

The proposed Bangladesh Power and Energy Research Council (BPERC) will formally start its journey next month, aiming to help mitigate the energy crisis through innovative ideas and activities, a senior official said.

“We will activate the BPERC next month to conduct research, planning and decision making in accordance with meeting electricity demand in the country,” Power Division secretary Md Abul Kalam Azad told daily sun.

He said the government will form a cell to start the council proposed by the Power Division comprising experts from different research institutes on deputations.

After formation of the cell, the government will prepare law for running the BPERC, the official said.

Later, a proposal will be placed at the Cabinet Division to enact a law styled “Bangladesh Power and Energy Research Council Act-2011”.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently approved a proposal to form the research council, another official said.

The Finance Minister will be the chairman of the council while state minister for power and energy would be the co-chairman and top officials of the ministry will be members. Besides, senior power and energy experts will be advisory committee members of the council.

The council will monitor and evaluate the projects taken by the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources. It will work on green energy, renewable energy and power and energy sector research. It will have several divisions to achieve the goals.

Financing to the council will be met from special fund and different government agencies, an official said.

India and some European and American countries were running such research institutions to develop their power and energy sectors.

Dhaka University Renewable Energy Research Council, the Centre for Energy Studies of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Bangladesh Science and Industrial Research Council (BSCIR) separately conduct research activities.

“But it’s insufficient to help government meet crisis in energy sector,” the official said.

The Power Division was now working on signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a UK-based research institute to conduct research activities in the power sector.

Welcoming the initiative, Prof M Tamim, former adviser of the past caretaker government told daily sun on Saturday that such initiative though was delayed would benefit the country.

“Appointing professionals and qualified researchers with handsome payment as experts of the council will bring benefit rather hiring researchers from varsities on deputations,” he opined.

“It’s a good idea as it would help develop country’s power and energy sector,” Prof Izaj Hossain of BUET said. “The government would overcome country’s power and energy crisis in the future through the support of the council,” he added.


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