Buyers of Chinese apparels shifting to Bangladesh

Buyers of Chinese apparels shifting to Bangladesh
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The export basket of readymade garments is changing fast. Apart from trousers, shirts, shorts and such other clothes for men, women and children, fresh orders are now pouring for blazers and jackets at a time the country apparel exports were slowing.

The new surge has come as buyers from China are shifting their sourcing to Bangladesh because of soaring cost of production and their buying prices. Compared to China, Bangladesh produces high quality blazers and jackets at a quite lower cost. So the buying orders are shifting in huge number here, BGMEA sources said.

The source said overseas buyers are now showing interest to source blazers and jackets from Bangladesh bypassing China. He said jackets and blazers have huge demand in the countries where Bangladesh already exports ready-made garments. The EU, USA and Russian are top on the list of those countries bringing in new orders for blazers and jackets.

They used to buy earlier from China but now they have chosen Bangladesh due to lower cost and better quality, the BGMEA functionary said. He said with the rise in population, the demand for apparel products has also increased in the European and American countries and the local industry is trying to meet their growing demand.

The current export orders of jackets and blazers constitute 5.0 per cent of the country’s total clothing order and it may further increase over time. Many top buyers are swarming to Bangladesh for blazers and jackets having been disillusioned with China.

And the blazer and jacket making industry has rapidly spread in the city along with suit making as the export order of readymade suits is also growing very rapidly, the sources said. Export order for blazers and jackets are also coming from Norway, Sweden and Swaziland.

He said as many of the Chinese RMG exporters have relocated there businesses here as their cost of production has multiplied in their home country their old buyers are coming here with big opportunities for the country’s export sector.


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