Experiment on rainy season onion continues in Faridpur


Experiment on rainy season onion continues in Faridpur

FARIDPUR, Nov 16 (BSS) – Faridpur Spices Research Sub-centre (FSRS) has been carrying on the experiments to produce the rainy season onion in the district on the demonstration plots of 27 selected farmers.

According to official sources, Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) evolved BARI – 2, 3 and 5 onion varieties cultivation of which is feasible on high land during rainy season. The source said, if everything favours then 20 to 25 tonnes of onions can be produced on 7.5 bighas of land.

The source further said these rainy season onion varieties can be cultivated in court yard around the homesteads and on other nearby high land.

According to the source, generally in the month of February the conventional onion is cultivated in our country which is harvested after about 90 days. But to meet the domestic demand onions worth about Taka 600 crore are to be imported from abroad.

However, if the new varieties evolved by BARI can be fielded successfully it would help to reduce onion import thus saving foreign currency. These new varieties however takes a slight longer time than the conventional one which is insignificant in the perspective of need.

Senior Scientific Officer of FSRS M.M. Kamruzzaman told BSS that presently 10.72 lakh tonnes of onions are produced cultivating on 1.65 lakh hectares of land in the country which meets 57 percent demand while the total demand is 16 lakh tonnes considering per head consumption of 25 grams. Under the prevailing situation, onions worth Taka 600 crore are to be imported annually.

With that object to meet the deficit, BARI evolved these new rainy season varieties. The farmers are being encouraged and trained to get them interested to cultivate it, the Scientific Officer said.


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