Country fetches $8.12bn from exports in four months$8.12bn-from-exports-in-four-months_393_1_3_1_3.html

Country fetches $8.12bn from exports in four months
Earning during July-Oct 2011 rise by 20.79 percent

The country fetched US$ 8.119 billion by exporting different commodities during the first four months (July to October 2011) of the current fiscal against the target of earning US$ 26.5 billion in the year.

The earning from exports during the period under review was 30.64 percent of the target set for the current fiscal and 20.79 percent more than that during the same period of the last fiscal 2010-2011.

The earning from exports of various products in four months of July-October of last fiscal, however, was US$ 6.721 billion.

According to Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh (EPB), the surge in export earning in the period was mainly because of higher inflow of foreign currencies through exporting frozen foods, agriculture products, jute, manufactured commodities, leather and RMG to different countries of the globe.

As per the EPB data, the country earned US$ 253 million exporting frozen foods during four months of the current fiscal. Of the total amount, US$ 46.3 million was earned from export of fish, US$ 201 million from shrimps and US$ 5.56 million from other products. The country set a target of exporting frozen food worth US$726 million for the fiscal year.

Earnings from exports of jute and jute goods totaled to US$ 337.87 million in four months of the current fiscal. Of the amount, US$ 92.03 million came from export of raw jute, US$ 165.71 million from jute yarn and twine, US$ 64.33 million jute sacks and bags and US$ 15.8 million from other products. The target for earning from this sector was targeted US$ 1.341 billion for the year.

Knitwear and woven garments earned US$ 6.314 billion during the period against target of US$ 20.359 billion for the whole year.

The country earned US$ 139.43 million from export of footwear products in the period under review against the year’s target of US$ 387.14 million.

The earning from export of petroleum bi-products totaled US$ 109.07 million in four months while the government set a target of earning US$ 273.71 million during the year.

The export earning from chemical products totaled US$ 52 million in four months. Of the total amount, the country earned US$ 16.09 million exporting medicines, US$ 18.63 million from chemical fertiliser and US$ 17.19 million from other chemicals. The target for earning from chemicals during the year was set at US$ 111.45 million, the EPB showed.

The earnings from plastic products totaled US$ 29.95 million in four months of the current fiscal, of them PVC bags worth US$ 9.62 million, plastic wastes worth US$ 16.06 million and others US$ 4.27 million against the target of US$ 84.27 million for the year.

Exports of rubber goods during the months totaled US$ 3.52 million against the target of earning US$ 25.83 million in the year. Leather goods managed to earn US$ 134.38 million in four months of the current fiscal targeting to fetch US$ 405.20 million in the year.

The earnings from export of handicrafts amounted to US$ 1.71 million during the period against export target was US$ 4.69 million for the whole year.

Cotton and cotton products earned US$ 37.26 million during the months targeting to fetch total US$ 162.01 million in the year.


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