Flood tolerant IR 64 sub 1 paddy creates new hope among farmers


Flood tolerant IR 64 sub 1 paddy creates new hope among farmers

RANGPUR, Oct 20 (BSS) – The flood tolerant IR 64 sub 1 variety short duration paddy has created new hope among farmers for its early harvest to combat monga side by side excellent yields even after its 15 days submergence under floodwaters.

“The farmers will complete its harvest within the next two weeks in Rangpur region this season before launching its possible large-scale countrywide farming from next season,” Country Manger of the STRASA-IRRI project in Bangladesh Dr MA Bari said.

Head of Agriculture and Environment of RDRS Bangladesh Dr MG Neogi told BSS IR 64 sub 1 flood tolerant variety paddy plants sustained submergence for 15 days to grow well later this time to produce four tonnes paddy per hectare now.

“The farmers harvest the paddy within 110 to 115 days after sowing seeds using dry or wet Direct Seeded Rice methods and in 90 days after transplantation of 25 to 30 day old seedlings everywhere including the flood-prone areas,” he said.

Farming of IR 64 sub 1 paddy is more beneficial as it survives submergence for 15 days when the other short duration paddies like BRRI dhan 33, BINA dhan 7 and BU dhan 1 cannot survive if submerged under floodwaters for a long.

The farmers are harvesting this paddy cultivated in over 1,200 hectares with GO-NGO assistances this season and getting excellent slender grain rice and already started preparing the same land for cultivating early potato and winter vegetables.

The Stress Tolerant Rice in Africa and South Asia (STRASA) project has been expanding farming of IR 64 sub 1 paddy along with other flood tolerant entries with the assistances of IRRI and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), said Dr Bari.

Dr Bari said the farmers have been cultivating the anti- monga and short duration flood tolerant IR 64 sub 1 paddy during the past couple of years and getting excellent harvests during the peak monga hour in Aswin-Kartik.

Farmers Solaiman Ali of Darshona in Rangpur and Farizul Haque Gobardhan village in Kurigram said they have been cultivating IR 64 sub 1 paddy with STRASA assistance in recent years and getting average yield of four tonnes paddy per hectare.

Farmers Subal Chandra, Solaiman Ali, Sanu Ram and Abdus Salam of different districts in Rangpur division narrated similar successes in farming the paddy and hoped for expanded farming from the next season.


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