NSN Liquid Net to spur broadband growth


NSN Liquid Net to spur broadband growth
Author / Source : Staff Reporter

DHAKA, OCT 15: Liquid Net, a new way to deliver and manage broadband, introduced by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), is expected to help broadband growth in Bangladesh.

“Broadband demand is fluid, so networks should be too in order to assure maximum outcome,” country head of Nokia Siemens Networks Markku Nieminen said. Managing the flow more efficiently, the new technology will benefit both operators and the end users, he claimed.

According to him, the demand of broadband is becoming highly unpredictable, fluctuating as people use broadband and voice services on the move and switch between services and applications at various times. Thus margins are being squeezed as competition heats up. Yet traditional telco hardware, while in general very reliable, has been fixed in both location and in its ability to support other uses, with the result that networks are dimensioned to meet peak demand.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Liquid Net breaks through conventional resource limitations to unleash frozen network capacity into a reservoir of resources that can flow to fulfil unpredictable demand, wherever and whenever people use broadband, Nieminen explained.

“Liquid Net creates networks that can adapt in an instant to changing customer needs, using existing capital investments more efficiently and generating entirely new revenue opportunities,” he also added.

According to Nieminen, the Liquid Net uses automated, self-adapting broadband optimization to deliver services and content to ensure the best customer experience by always being aware of the network’s operational status and the services being consumed. In addition, Liquid Net channels traffic in the transport network along the path of least resistance and lowest cost between sites, he said.

Explaining how the new technology would help operators, Nieminen said, the network will be dimensioned on average traffic load than peak load. Together with commercial off this the shelf ATCA based hardware allows operators more efficient use of capital expenditure.


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