Bapex to drill 74 wells in next 20 years

Roadmap for oil and gas exploration
Bapex to drill 74 wells in next 20 years
Govt to invite bidding round-2011 excluding onshore block

The graph shows Bapex’s upcoming plan of oil and gas exploration.

Shamim Jahangir

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration Company Limited (Bapex) has prepared a 20-years roadmap to explore oil and gas in 74 exploratory and development wells in 23 structures on onshore block in the country, an official said.

“We have submitted our roadmap to Petrobangla last week,” Bapex managing director Mortuza Ahmed told daily sun.

Bapex prepared the roadmap following a directive from the Energy and Mineral Resources Division during mid of this year.

Meanwhile, the government will invite oil and gas search bidding round-2011 in December this year for exploring oil and gas excluding onshore block. It earlier planned to invite bidding for oil and gas exploration in both onshore and offshore blocks, according to energy and mineral resources division.

However, the parliamentary standing committee on power, energy and mineral resources is also in favour of exploration of oil and gas in land by the state-owned company Bapex.

According to the roadmap, Bapex would drill 13 exploratory wells and 22 development wells in 2011-15.

The exploratory wells are Sundolpur-1, Sunetra-1, Kapasia-1, Srikail-2, Mobarakpur-1, Begumganj north-1, Bajitpur-1, Fenchuganj east-1, Patya-2, Sitapahar-2, Sasalang-2, Rupganj-1, Madan-1 while the development wells are Fenchuganj-4 & 5, Semutang- 6 & 7, Salda- 3, 4 & 5, two wells at Rashidpur, Titas-17 & 18, Begumganj-3, Sunetra-2, 3 & 4, Sundolpur-2 & 3, Kapasia-2 & 3, two wells at Sylhet and Bakhrabad-9.

Bapex has planed to drill nine exploratory wells and three development wells during 2015-20. These include Chatak east-1, Joldi-5, Bajidpur-1, Jaldi-4, Madan-2, Mubarakpur-2, 3 & 4 and Shahbazpur North-1 while three development wells include Chatak east-2, Jaldi-6 and Shahbazpur north-2.

Bapex would also drill seven exploratory wells between 2020 and 2025 including Patharia-6, Kutubdia-2, Balrampur-1, Hajipur-2, Sitakundo-6 & 7, Hararganj-1 and five development wells like Patharia-7, Balrampur-2, Hararganj-1, Kutubdia-2 and Sitakundu-8.Between 2025 and 2030, the state-owned company would drill 10 exploratory wells including Bagura-3, Nandail-1, Sandwip south-1, Halda-1, Kustia-1, Hatia-1, Reju-1, Modimati-1, Sandwip-1, Sandwip west-1 and five development wells at Nandial-2, Halda-2, Kustia-2, Hatia-2 and Madumati-2.

The Bapex will conduct 2-D seismic surveys at Savar, Harargaz, Pataria, Feni, Bhola, Kuchma, Bagura, Sherpur, Sitapahar, Kasalang, Patia and Jaldi in 2011-2015, Batchia and Nandail in 2015-2020.

Besides, the company will also conduct 3-D seismic surveys at Fenchuganj, Shahbazpur, Salda, Semutang, Kamta, Begumganj, Sundolpur and Sunetra in 2011-2015 while it would conduct similar surveys at Kaliajuri, Kapasia, Srikail, Chatak, Bajitpur, Madan, Mubarakpur, Savar and Hararganj in 2015-2020 and Patharia, Feni and Bhola in 2025.

During a meeting in mid of the year, Petrobangla chairman Prof Hossain Monsur said the move to explore oil and gas in onshore block by Bapex was taken as awarding onshore exploration bids to international oil companies was conflicting to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive to strengthen Bapex.

The Bapex has a five-year roadmap to produce 500mmcfd (million cubic feet per day) gas from 30 onshore wells till 2015.

“It’s impossible to explore oil and gas in onshore blocks by Bapex alone. So we initiated some joint venture projects with the state owned company,” another official of Petrobangla said.

So, the Bapex has a plan to drill some five wells including Jaldi, Patya, Sitakunda, Kasalang, and Sitapahar through joint venture with Chinese company Sinopec.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Division has targeted to produce additional 2,800mmcfd (million cubic feet per day) of gas by 2015. Of the target, 500mmcfd gas would come from Bapex, 500mmcfd through import and the rest through other sources.

According to the roadmap, the present demand for gas is 2,520 mmcfd which will rise to 3,043mmcfd in 2012, 3,341mmcfd in 2013, 3,591mmcfd in 2014 and 3,746mmcfd in 2015.Petrobangla now produces around 2,000mmcfd of gas a day.


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