Path-breaking discovery in physics under way?

Path-breaking discovery in physics under way?
Author / Source : STAFF REPORTER

RAJSHAHI, Oct 7: Bangladesh may earn its laurels in the world of physics for a path-breaking discovery. Two scientists of Rajshahi University – Prof. Osman Goni Talukdar from the department of applied physics and electronic engineering, and Prof. Mushfiq Ahmad Chowdhury, of the physics department – have put their hands on one of the hottest topics in modern physics. If their claims pass the tests of tenability, it will create an epoch in the global arena, as well as, in the country’s history.

The two scientists claimed that the recent experiment that had shown some sub-atomic particles, called neutrinos, travel faster than light, is originally a Bangladeshi invention.

They claimed this in a press conference on Friday, at the Jubeeri Bhaban lounge of the university. In a written statement, the scientists mentioned that way back in 2001, Dr Talukdar had stated the fact, which has only been echoed in a report by the BBC, on September 23 this year.

Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which has passed every experiment, since it was proposed more than a century ago, holds that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. It should be pointed out that it was experimentally found that a neutrino has a finite mass, but it moves at the speed of light, in contradiction with Einstein’s theory.

Prof. Talukdar claimed that though the incompleteness of Einstein’s relativity theory has recently been cited by some physicists, he had developed an explanation to the theory, 10 years back, after rigorous researches carried out over a long time.

Prof. Talukdar also claimed that he had developed three equations that would give the relativity theory a perfect format. He mentioned that the modified theory would be the base for modern physics, in the 21st century.

Dubbing the discovery as a great achievement and glory for RU and Bangladesh, the university’s vice-chancellor, Prof. M Abdus Sobhan, said that Dr Talukdar’s theory will make perfect the famous relativity theory. Within three months, an international physics conference will be arranged at RU and, there, the Bangladeshi scientists will place their claims in front of world-renowned physicists, he added.

Prof. Golam Sabbir Sattar Tapu, Prof. Chittaranjan Mishra, Prof. Raquib Ahmad, Prof. Mahbubur Rahman, were present, among others, at the press conference.

Talking to The Independent after the press conference Professor Talukder said, “We are going to send messages to relevant international organizations that we have got the solution to the problem. We are going to send messages to all international organizations in the field including International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICP), CERN, American Institute of Physics (AIP), Indian Institute of Physics (IIP), Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) and institutes of physics in other countries regarding our findings.”

Rajshahi University, he said, would organise an international conference in this regard soon.

Terming their effort a great achievement and glory of Rajshahi University and as well as the country at the press conference RU Vice Chancellor Professor M Abdus Sobhan also a teacher of the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics Engineering said that, through perseverance and research Dr Talukdar placed the supplementary theory that would give the Einstein’s Relativity Theory as perfect.

Within three months an international Physics conference will be arranged at Rajshahi University through which the challenge will be placed to the world physicists and secure the international acknowledgement, he added.

Among others Professor Golam Sabbir Sattar Tapu, Prof Chitta Ranjon Misrwaw, Prof Raquib Ahmad, Prof Mahbubor Rahman and others were present.


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