Exports of vegetables, fruits go up


Exports of vegetables, fruits go up
Refayet Ullah Mirdha

The export of vegetables is on the rise because of high demand from non-resident Bangladeshis as well as foreigners, say exporters. The export of the value added item is running high in countries like the UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada and US, as there are more people from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan residing in those countries.

“More than 40 percent of Bangladeshi exportable vegetables are destined to the UK,” said SM Jahangir Hossain, president of Bangladesh Fruits, Vegetables and Allied Products Exporters Association.

The export of beans, bitter gourds, gourds, red amaranths and aubergines has increased, he said.

Bangladesh also exports the leaves of arums and gourds for soaring demand abroad, he said.

Hossain said the perennial problem in the export of vegetables from Bangladesh is a space limitation in the cargo carrying planes.

Mohammad Monsur, owner of Monsur General Trading Company, said the export of fruits is also increasing in recent times to those countries. Demand for mangoes, blackberries, bananas and lemons are also high in those countries.

According to the data from state-owned Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), the export of vegetables grew by 20.92 percent in the first two months (July-August) of the current fiscal year from the same time last year.

During this period, Bangladesh exported vegetables worth $15.43 million. The export of such perishable items in fiscal 2010-11 stood at $71.73 million, data showed.



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