Digital e-Purjee boosts sugar production

Digital e-Purjee boosts sugar production
Author / Source : BSS

DHAKA, Sept 30: The digital e-purjee system introduced in the sugar mills a year back has ensured a faster delivery order to the sugarcane growers putting the production of sugar up by 38,760 tonne in 2010-11 seasons. “Issuance of hand written purjee in the manual system takes at lest 7-10 days causing a reduction of earning due to weight loss of sugarcane extraction from the field,” said Mahmud-ul- Haque Bhuiya, chairman of Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC).

He said after successful introduction of digital e-purjee system through mobile SMS make available purjee in a minute that contribute significantly in the profit earning.

Due to the easier process of e-purjee, farmers supplied 15,81,907 tonne of sugarcane in the season that was almost double compared to the previous crop season.The turn up of issued purjee has also been increased by 10.53 per cent after the introduction of electronic system, he added.

Inspired by the success, BSFIC has planned to bring 2.5 lakh acre of land into sugarcane cultivation this season while it was 1.60 lakh acres last year. The term ‘purjee’ refers to the order of buying the sugarcanes from the farmers.

The ‘e-purjee’ is the system where farmer get the order of buying sugarcane through SMS in his mobile instantly after issuing the purjee by computer software. But, in the manual system, the purjee was sent to the farmer by hand that’s why they didn’t get the purjee on time, although it had a validity of 3-day.

Meanwhile, BSFIC has aimed to introduce online puriee from the upcoming season so that farmer could collect the printed copy of purjee where internet is available. Union Parishad Information Service Centre would be used for the job.

Beside, it has also planned to publish the puriee gazette online by what the farmer is able to know the mill’s action plan of sugarcane crushing.Officials of BSFIC said the 15 sugar mills produced 1,00,963 tonne of sugar in 2010-11 seasons while in 2009-10 season they had produced 62,203 tonne of sugar before e-purjee.

They said the production has been boosted as the farmer supplied fresh sugarcane on time due to the e-purjee.Officials said the e-purjee has been distributed among the farmers of 15 sugar mills in November 2010 after the successful completion of e-purjee pilot project.

Access to Information (A2I) Programme of Prime Minister’s Office along with and funded by BSFIC started the pilot project of e-purjee at the Faridpur and Moarakganj Sugar Mills on 17 November 2009 to diminish the sufferings of the farmers.Later, A2I and BSFIC have trained 1500 sugarcane farmers and 1500 field workers to motivate all the farmers.

To make the programme successful, server room with software and hardware, internet and web-cam have been installed at all the sugar mills.

Some 200,000 sugarcane farmers have been informed about the e- purjee information service through 1500 farmer-meetings across the country.

The A2I and BSFIC is providing on an average 20,000 SMS everyday among the farmers about the information on e-purjee and payment of sugarcane free of cost.


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