Use of solar power picking up in Gopalganj char areas

Use of solar power picking up in Gopalganj char areas

GOPALGANJ: A house with solar panels installed on its roof at Kashiani upazila. — FE photo

Our Correspondent

GOPALGANJ, Sept 25: The use of solar power panels is picking up with the well-off people of remote char areas under Kashiani and Muksudpur upazilas in Gopalganj as it needs no extra cost after installation such as payment of consumption bill every month.

Many rural people are showing keen interest in solar panels due to its uninterrupted supply of power in sharp contrast to electricity, which is often subjected to hazards like load shedding. Over 900 families at the char areas of Basspur village under Kashiani upazila, Bahukgram village under Muksudpur upazila have installed solar panels at their home during the last two months.

More than 8,500 well-to-do families living in char areas under these two upazilas have evinced interest in solar panels for running fan, light, T.V, computer and mobile set charging etc., said Abdullah Al-Mamun, Manager of Grameen Skakti Solar Power, Regional Office, Gopalganj.

Md. Lablu Molla(25) of village Taltala under Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj told this Correspondent that many people of the remote low laying areas prefer solar power to electricity simply because the supply of the latter is always uncertain and involves many recurring costs.

At present Grameen Shakti Solar Power, a non-govt. organisation, Gopalganj, has been providing solar plant to the interested people here. The price of a solar panel varies from taka 13,100 to 72,900 depending on its production capacity. One can have a solar plant by depositing 15 to 25 percent of the total cost with free servicing.

In the year of 2007, the organisation started their solar power sales to remote people in the district to mitigate electric problems.

It is further mentioned that at least 15,000 families getting solar power facilities in the district, sources said.

The solar panels is also helping students in preparing their lessons under solar light replacing kerosene lamp. Experts say the char areas are very suitable for the introduction of windmills to the people of low income bracket due to its low installation cost.


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