UK entrepreneur keen to invest in generators, solar panel plants,-solar-panel-plants_342_1_3_1_2.aspx

UK entrepreneur keen to invest in generators, solar panel plants

Steve Bandey, managing director of T&R Limited, is speaking at a function in the city on Wednesday.

Staff Correspondent

British generator and solar panel manufacturing company T&R Limited has showed keen interest to invest in power related sector in Bangladesh.

The UK-based company has aimed to invest in Bangladesh to install factory for manufacturing generator and solar panels locally in a bid to help provide Bangladesh people with the items at low costs.

“My objective for investing in Bangladesh is to utilise its skilled and cheap workforce to boost production,” the visiting T&R managing director Steve Bandey said Wednesday.

“T&R Limited is doing business in Africa, Asia, Europe and America after it was established in 1951. Steve Bandey is visiting here in response to the invitation of local company Cardiac Presision Ltd and Home Street Builders.

T&R Limited showed interests in investing in partnership for Diesel Generator Manufacturing Plant by providing technical support and consultancy, training local engineer, and design and management. It also showed interests at solar panel manufacturing plant, 5x50MW solar power plant to be implemented in 2-5 years, solar power irrigation and wind power generation.

Steve Bandey said that his company wants to make the products available in the peoples’ doorsteps at cheap rates and for this he was interested to manufacture those locally.

“Price is a very important factor to popularize any kinds of product in a developing country,” observed Steve.

Offering products at cheap rates is only possible when the products are manufactured locally, he said.

“We aim to provide our products at low prices as the local engineers are very highly skilled that might help us produce high quality products at low costs,” he said.

He said his company’s target is to export their products within 4 to 5 years after making investment in Bangladesh. “Local skilled engineers and lobourers would contribute a lot in boosting the production,” he added.

T&R power at their expected Diesel Generator Manufacturing Project would do fabrication locally in the first phase, control system in second phase and new design in the third phase. Later, it will train local engineers.

About renewable power and energy, Steve said: “We will design the solar panel locally with the technological support of a British university.”

“If we could design and manufacture the solar panel locally, it might help us supply the product at local market at cheaper rates compared to the imported cost,” he said.

“We have a plan to install five solar systems with capacity of 50 megawatt (MW) each and it would be possible within three years,” said Steve, adding: “I want to continue investment without interruption if favorable environment is ensured.”


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