Bangladesh is at front of the way role model in climate adaptation

Bangladesh is at front of the way role model in climate adaptation

DHAKA, Sept 20 (BSS)-Ambassador of Denmark Svend Olling today described Bangladesh as a role model in planning to face adverse impacts of climate change and adaptation and assured that Copenhagen would support Dhaka in improving environmental governance and achieving sustainable development.

” Bangladesh is at the front of the way. A role model. Bangladesh is the first country that has already formulated Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. If you are here, for you climate change is real. In Bangladesh you can see climate change in flood, saline intrusion, drought. This country is already facing the onslaught,” ambassador Svend told a public lecture titled ” Danish Experience of Environmental Good Governance, Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Relevance for
Bangladesh” at National Press Club here.

The public lecture was second in the lecture series marking the entering into 29 th year of founding of FEJB. Chaired by FEJB chairman Quamrul Islam Chowdhury, it was also addressed by UNDP’s former assistant resident representative Shrieen Kamal Sayeed, FEJB vice chairman Badiul Alam, former vice chairman Gaziur Rahman, general secretary Hasan Hafiz, members Mrinal K Roy, Saiful Huda, Masud Karim, Chowdhury Md Ali Kajal, Mahmud Hafiz, Sheikh Enamul Haq, Shaukat Jamil and Rafiqur Rahman.

Delivering the public lecture, ambassador Svend dubbed Dhaka- Copenhagen ties as historic and recalled that Denmark recognized Bangladesh in early February 1972 and Danida started its humanitarian and development works days after victory day- 16 th December, 1971 here.

Since then, he said, though there is a gulf of difference between the two countries in terms of the size- Bangladesh is one of the largest size country with 160 million population and Denmark, a small country with only 5 million people, have strong bilateral and business ties.

Ambassador Svend pointed out that Denmark had made climate change as absolute top level issue at the political level in the run-up Copenhagen climate summit and it had turned into a front- page matter from mere page-ten issue and said, in Bangladesh also as a frontline victim countries, the media attention is high.

Detailing the pathways of his country’s journey towards sustainable development and environmental governance, the envoy said, Denmark had introduced lot of legislations and created comparative advantages for clean energy and green technology and environmental tax is now 2 per cent of Danish GDP.

Ambassador Svend hoped that Bangladesh could take advantage of Danish green technology revolution since Dhaka had huge potential for offshore windmill power plants and carbon-neutral development.

He commended Bangladesh negotiation team for playing a very pragmatic role in global climate change and sustainable development negations for over the years and said Copenhagen unilaterally is offering to cutback its greenhouse gas emissions 30 per cent by 2020 from the 1990 level and in 39 years Denmark would become zero carbon country whatever be the outcome of the Durban climate conference next December.

The Danish envoy said, Bangladesh should raise her capacity to access the CDM benefits and energy efficiency.


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