World standard electronics products being manufactured in Bangladesh

World standard electronics products being manufactured in Bangladesh
Only Walton has BSTI approval

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Walton Hi-tech Industries at Chandra in Gazipur is now manufacturing world standard and quality refrigerators, motorcycles and other electronics products.

Walton is the country’s sole company that has the approval from BSTI and is the capacity to manufacture two kind of refrigerators- frost and non-frost-through importing raw materials from Germany and Korea.

Many distinguished persons visited the Walton Hi-tech Industries at Chandra in Gazipur and expressed highly satisfaction seeing the standard and quality of plant.

During his visit to the manufacturing unit recently Industries Minister Dilip Barua said the Walton refrigerators and other products are more qualitative from imported one.

The minister said like Tata of India, Walton will play a positive role in building good image of the country.

Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister GM Quader said “It is a matter of proud for Bangladesh that such kind of heavy factory has been established in the country that is manufacturing world standard fridge, motorcycle, television, AC, generator, etc”.

German Ambassador to Bangladesh Holger Michael also visited the Walton Hi-tech Industries and expressed satisfaction over the world standard manufacturing facility.

He hoped that Bangladesh would emerge as one of the refrigerator, fridger and motorcycle exporting countries in the world and through exporting the items Bangladesh would earn huge foreign currency in the coming days”.

Seeing the state-of-art-technology of the factory, the ambassador commented that “Walton products produced in the factory are also standard and qualitative like products of developed countries”

During visit to the factory Spanish Ambassador in Bangladesh Arturo Perez Martinez commented: “Every thing is very existing and well prepared to face all the challenges. I forecast a very successful future for this company”.

Kayoko Takagide Perez Martinez, wife of the ambassador, also accompanied him during his visit to the factory.

She said: “It is a matter of proud that Bangladesh is now booming up with its own products and has started to produce their own products. The manufacturing and marketing idea of Walton is very excellent”

According to sources, in business Walton has already overwhelmed Bangladesh, and begun to touch foreign countries. Walton has already begun to export its products to Asia, Middle East, African and technology developed European countries.

International Marketing Director of Walton Mizanur Rahman said “In developed countries quality is very important and keeping the quality and standard Walton brand products are being exported to different developed countries”


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