10MW power plant to run on garbage


10MW power plant to run on garbage
To be installed in one year, long queue of local, int’l firms
Shamim Jahangir

The government will install a 10MW Power plant which primary fuel would be the wastes discharged from the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC).

“The power plant would require 1,000 tonnes of waste per day against the 5,000 tonnes of total garbage which are being generated every day in DCC areas,” Syed Mahboob Hasan, Additional Secretary of the Local Government Division told daily sun.

The government wants to install the power plant under Build Own Operation (BOO) basis within this year, he said.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and Cooperative has already selected six pre-qualified local and international bidders, out of eight, to install the power plant, he said.

The pre-qualified bidders are–Silcasia PLC of Bangladesh, Prime Cement Ltd, TNT CA INC of Canada, Management Environment and Finance SRL Via Priore Berengario of Italy, Sonar Bangla and Brown Energy Corporation and PIA Energy JVC Calle Padro of Madrid, Spain.

The government has asked the pre-qualifiers to submit their financial and technical details to the local government division, he said.

“The government is keen to introduce green energy by implementing the project with applying green technology,” Syed Mahboob Hasan said.

The selected company would have to sign two separate deals with DCC and Power Division, one for waste procurement and another for buying electricity, according to him.

The power purchase deals would be settled after getting the interested companies financial and technical documents, he said.


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