New rice variety perks up farmers’ hope

New rice variety perks up farmers’ hope

KHULNA, April 16 (BSS)- Less than two years’ of release, a new rice variety perked up farmers’ hope as the trial production of it yielded a bumper crop this year.

Bangla Moti (BRRI 50), a fine and aromatic rice variety, was released by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) in 2009 with the expectation that it would increase the competitive edge of Bangladeshi rice exporters on the global market.

India and Pakistan are the major exporters of fine variety aromatic rice when the two countries earned around Taka 3,500 crore every year from international market.

Aiming at seizing the export prospect, BRRI scientists invented Bangla Moti, which was cultivated one hundred hectares of land in 54 districts for the first time in 2010.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) is expecting around 10,000 tons of rice this year.

The DAE, however, did not get the precise data as yet, but primary information from the filed level shows around 1,800 hectares of land were brought under the new rice variety last year. Of the land, 750 hectares were in Khulna division alone.

Deputy Director of Public Relations Department at Khulna University SM Atiur Rahman was among those who produced Bangla Moti out of curiosity about the new rice.

He told BSS that he got 70 maunds of rice from an acre of land last year. This year he cultivated the new rice on two acres and was expecting a good yield.

Some companies already started marketing of the seeds and initiated export of the new rice variety. The companies also sought necessary clearance from the government for export.

Deputy Director of DAE in Khulna Mrinal Kanti Das said the production of Bangla Moti is as fine and aromatic as Basmoti, but its production is double than Basmoti.

BRRI initially planned that Bangla Moti would be made available on the market by 2012, but it came earlier because of farmers’ prompt response to the new variety.

The most favoured rice variety for ‘Polau’ is ‘Basmoti’, an Indian variety. The other varieties like Chini Gura, Katari Vogh,Bashful, Radhuni Pagal and Dula Vogh are also used for ‘Polau’and other occasional dishes.

But all of these varieties are costly because of high demand among people for many social occasions and festivals. Bangla Moti is expected to be comparatively cheaper because of its higher yield.

Bangla Moti is suitable for ‘Boro season’. The size of the variety is also finer than Indian and Pakistani Basmoti.

The present government earlier asked Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) to produce the seeds of BanglaMoti and allocate about Taka 10.38 crore for development of the new variety.


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