Investment proposals rise

Investment proposals rise

In a healthy growth in terms of money, investment proposals worth Tk 10,848 crore were registered with the Board of Investment (BoI) in February this year, mostly in the power, textile and agro-processing sectors, reports UNB.

During the month, BoI registered some 152 investment proposals including 131 from local entrepreneurs and 21 from foreign and joint venture companies.

Of the total amount, the local entrepreneurs made investment proposals worth Tk 8,835 crore while the foreign and joint venture companies Tk 6,013 crore.

In January this year, BoI registered investment proposals worth Tk 3,587 crore from some 181 local, foreign and joint venture companies, compared to Tk 3,258 crore against investment proposals made by 158 companies in December last year.

According to sector-wise breakup, in the textile sector, BoI registered some 54 proposals from local entrepreneurs worth Tk 3,390 crore in February this year as against Tk 670 crore in January against 65 projects.

In the agriculture sector, investment proposals worth Tk 732 crore were registered with the BoI against 16 projects in February while of Tk 779 crore in January against 22 proposals.

Besides, Tk 86 crore investment proposals were registered against four projects in food and allied sector, Tk 5.38 crore against one project in leather sector, Tk 305 crore against 18 projects in chemical sector, Tk 130 crore against 23 projects in engineering sector and Tk 183 crore against 14 projects in the services sector.

In terms of money, invest proposals by the local, foreign and joint venture companies shot up by 188 per cent in 2010 compared to 2009.

In 2010, some 1,785 companies registered investment proposals with the BoI amounting to Tk 65,834.37 crore, which was Tk 22,821.77 crore in 2009.

The number of local, joint venture and foreign companies who proposed to invest in Bangladesh also rose last year to 1,785 as against 1,524 a year ago.

During the last year, the highest 30.8 per cent of the investment proposals was made for the services sector, 30 per cent for textile, 18.8 per cent for chemicals, 7.8 per cent for engineering, 6.6 per cent for agriculture and 4.4 per cent for food and allied sector.


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