Bapex enters new era of 3D seismic survey

Bapex enters new era of 3D seismic survey
Local engineers survey 700 sqKm areas a year at Rasidpur
Shamim Jahangir

State-owned company Bapex has entered into a new era by adopting 3-D seismic technology for the first time to explore energy and mineral resources.

Through adopting 3-D seismic survey, the officials of Bapex have set a record of 724 shots a day at Rasidpur gas field on January 29 whereas the record was about 500 plus a day by a multinational company.

The local engineers have already collected data at Rasidpur field and processing of the data is on progress, sources said.

After processing data at the field, officials will interpret those next month to confirm additional reserve of gas in the Rashidpur gas field.

Even after start of 3-D seismic survey, Bapex will require additional manpower to carry out data acquisition process more accurately, physicist Md Rafiqul Islam, a member of Bapex 3-D team told daily sun.

State minister for power and energy Muhammed Enamul Huq said the 3-D seismic survey will help find out accurate location of the gas reserve for reducing the drilling costs.

“The adaptation of the 3-D technology by local engineers would help us assess gas reserve here,” he said.

Petrobangla chairman Prof Hossain Monsur said the 3-D seismic survey is more scientific than that of 2-D survey as it helps perfectly assess the location of energy reserve.

Mortuza Ahmed Faruque, managing director of BAPEX said conducting deep drilling in state-owned gas fields would be possible if we have 3-D seismic survey system.

“We will use our own technology in the small gas fields to explore additional gas as the multinational companies are reluctant to conduct drilling in those fields,” he said.

He said the multinational companies conduct 3-D seismic surveys for three to four months a year whereas local engineers worked eight to nine months in a year.

“Foreign engineers have conducted 3-D seismic survey at 300 square kilometers (sqKm) in a year whereas the local experts conducted the survey in nearly 700 sqKm a year, he added.

Sylhet Gas Field Filed Limited is now conducting 3D seismic survey at 705 sqKm the Rashidpur, Kailash Tila and Sylhet gas fields.

The processing and interpretation of data of 325 sqKm of Rashidpur gas field will be completed by April this year while the location of the new well will be located by May next, officials said.

Besides, collection of data at 190 sqKm areas of Kailash Tila field is under process and data processing and interpretation will be completed by September this year and the location of the new well will be identified by October next, sources said.

Sylhet gas field authority is also preparing to conduct data acquisition, processing and interpretation in an area of 190 sqKm.

Bangladesh Gas Filed Company Limited (BGFCL), however, is preparing to start data acquisition at 210 sqKm of Bakharabad Gas filed on October next while 335 sqKm of Titas Gas filed on November next, Meherul Hasan, party chief of 3D seismic party, Geophysical Division of Bapex told reporters.

Earlier, total six 3-D surveys were conducted in the country by foreign engineers.

The Petrobangla invested multimillion dollars to conduct 3-D survey by foreign engineers, an official of Bapex told daily sun, adding, “By adopting the 3-D seismic survey by the local engineers the government has saved huge foreign currency.”


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