Milk Vita to set up dairy industry at West Patiya

Milk Vita to set up dairy industry at West Patiya
Our Correspondent

CHITTAGONG, March 19: State owned Milk Vita is likely to set up a full fledged milk processing industry in Chittagong. Milk Vita officials visited the major dairy farms and milk producing areas on the south bank of the Karnafuli river yesterday.

The Milk Vita team comprising general manager Nasim Ahmed and manager (planning and development) Mustafizur Rahman visited a number of dairy farms and talked to the farm owners at West Patiya and Karnafuli area on Thursday.

They said the locality is currently producing 35,000 litres of milk a day. The quantity is sufficient to feed the industry for pasteurization of milk.

Milk Vita GM Nasim Ahmed said the dairy farmers of the locality recently met with the LGRD and Cooperatives state minister Jahangir Kabir Nanak and demanded setting up of a milk processing industry.

The farmers said that related expenditures including cow-feed and cow nursing have increased while their breeding capacity is reducing due to lack of adequate food.

During the meeting with the state minister on March 2 last the West Patiya Dairy Farm Owners Association leader Nazim Uddin Haider demanded government patronization to the dairy farm industry through providing subsidy on the cow-feed, Milk Vita GM said.

Following the meeting the state minister instructed concerned officials to make a field survey on the feasibility and primary site selection for the proposed industry.

Dairy farmers said there are some 550 dairy farms with more than 9000 cows in 10 unions of West Patiya and Karnafuli, which are supplying 35,000 litres of milk every day. Several hundred rural youths are employed in the farms, they said.

Milk Vita manager Mustafizur Rahman said another high level team of officials will be visiting the area very shortly which will make the final selection of industry site and report to the concerned authority. It will be established at the Milk Vita’s own funding, he added.

Milk Vita GM Nasim Ahmed said machineries for the industry are likely to be imported from India instead of Canada or Denmark to ensure quick implementation of the project. “It will be a Baghabari-like industry of Milk Vita in Chittagong around which new farms will grow up in the area centering the industry.”


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