Mega plan taken for raising navigability of rivers: Ramesh Chandra

Mega plan taken for raising navigability of rivers: Ramesh Chandra

SANGSAD BHABAN, March 3 (BSS)- The present government has undertaken a mega plan for raising navigability of the main and important rivers through their dredging across the country.

“Under the plan titled ‘Capital Dredging’, the work on dredging and excavating a number of rivers is going on,” Water Resources Minister Ramesh Chandra Sen told the House in reply to a question raised by treasury bench member Md Shahriar Alam.

“The projects included in the plan are: the Taka 942.15 crore Gorai River Restoration Project, the Taka 944.09 crore Buriganga River Restoration Project, the Taka 1082 .12 crore Capital (Pilot) Dredging of River System in Bangladesh Project, the Taka 1309.88 crore Dredger and Ancillary Equipment Procurement Project and the Taka 59.53 core Chandana Barasia River Re-excavation Project,” he said.

Besides, Ramesh said, a concept paper titled ‘Capital Dredging and River Strategy of Bangladesh’ has been formulated. Under the concept paper, a strategy paper has been prepared for implementation of short, mid and long-term projects for dredging of main and important rivers across the country, he said.

After the approval of the projects, he added, the rest of the projects will be enacted, approved and implemented.

“The five-year seven projects that have been included in the mega plan are; the Pilot/Capital Dredging of River System in Bangladesh, the Buriganga River Restoration Project ( New Dhakeswari-Pungli- Bangshi-Turag-Buriganga River System), the Procurement of Dredgers and Ancillary Equipment for River Dredging of Bangladesh, the Kalni-Kushiara River Dredging, the Hisna- Mathavanga River Restoration Project, the and Dredging/Re-excavation of Modhumoti River, the Gorai River Restoration Project(Phase-II),” he said.

The water resources minister said 13 projects with the tenure of 13 years have been taken under the plan.

The projects are the Old Brahmaputra River Management Project, the Arial Khan River Restoration Project, the Lower Boral River Restoration Project, the Dredging/ Reexcavation of Kumar River, the Dredging/Reexcavation of Madaripur Beel Route, the Dredging/Reexcavation Chandana-Brasia River, the Dredging/Re- excavation Sutang River, the Dredging/Re-excavation, the Dredging and Re-excavation of Piyain River, the Dredging/Re-excavation of Lower Kangsha (Ghulamkhali and Updakhali) River, the Dredging Re-excavation of Bhogai River, the Bhairab River Restoration project and the Nabaganga River Restoration Project.

He also said the government would implement a 15-year mega project named the Capital Dredging of Major Rivers in Bangladesh for dredging of big rivers like the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna.


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