Rahimafrooz launches new auto battery


Rahimafrooz launches new auto battery

Rahimafrooz Group directors Munawar M Moin and Mudassir M Moin attend the launch of the company's premium maintenance-free automotive battery Globatt at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka yesterday. Photo: Rahimafrooz

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Rahimafrooz yesterday launched maintenance-free automotive battery Globatt in Bangladesh and set a target to emerge as one of the top three brands in South Asia by 2015.

Rahimafrooz had earlier launched Globatt in 22 countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa, said Munawar M Moin, a group director of Rahimafrooz, at a press meet at Hotel Sonargaon in Dhaka.

“We launched Globatt first in Dubai in 2009 and then in Singapore the same year,” said Moin.

In 2010, the leading battery maker unveiled the product in Asia’s major markets: China and India.

In the last two years, the company exported nearly 600,000 batteries of $24 million, with Globatt taking up 65 percent of all, he added.

“We want to produce and sell six million pieces of battery in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries by 2015,” said Moin, adding that Rahimafrooz now looks to European and North American markets.

“Through superior product and excellent customer services, we will establish that Globatt is a technology leader and the best automotive battery brand in the market,” he added.

Moin said Globatt customers will enjoy the global brand with national identity. Rahimafrooz introduced a 36-month warrantee for the first time with it.

Another group director of Rahimafrooz, Mudassir M Moin, said the company would sell the new product through a network of 12 sales centres and selected brand stores.

Globatt will be available in the passenger car segments for Japanese and European vehicles with advanced maintenance-free battery and expanded metal technology.

Rahimafrooz has two state-of-the-art automotive battery plants in Savar and Ishwardi.


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