Bapex ends 3D survey at Rashidpur gas field

Bapex ends 3D survey at Rashidpur gas field
M Azizur Rahman

Country’s lone oil and gas exploration company Bapex has completed its maiden extensive survey last week at Rashidpur gas field in a major boost to develop the ailing energy sector by state-run firm, a high government official said Saturday.

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Ltd (Bapex) conducted the 3D survey at onshore Rashidpur gas field spanning over 325 square kilometres area.

“We completed survey, drilling and recording of data at Rashidpur gas field on January 30 last,” Bapex Managing Director Mortuza Ahmad Faruque told the FE.

He said Bapex’s survey team has already moved to conduct extensive 3D survey at another new gas field at Kailashtila.

Officials said Bapex is now implementing a project on conducting 3D seismic surveys in five major potential onshore gas fields.

French Geophysical firm — CGG Veritas — is now facilitating Bapex to conduct 3D seismic surveys.

The French firm will be assisting Bapex to conduct 3D survey in five gas fields having the total area of 1,250 sq kms over the next two and a half years, Bapex top official said.

Apart from Rashidpur and Kailshtila, Bapex will complete 3Ds at Bakhrabad, Titas and Sylhet gas fields.

State-owned Petrobangla’s subsidiary Bangladesh Gas Fields Company Ltd, or BGFCL, owns two fields — Titas and Bakhrabad — while Petrobangla’s another subsidiary Sylhet Gas Field Ltd, or SGFL, holds three fields – Rashidpur, Kailashtila and Sylhet.

BGFCL and SFGL are acting as the “Executing Agency” in their respective gas fields while BAPEX is working as the “Implementing Agency” for the whole project.

Manila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB) is financing US$23 million project to complete 3D surveys in five prospective major Bangladesh gas fields by first half of 2013.

CGG Veritas has been assigned by the government following a competitive bidding to provide 3D seismic planning, designing and support services for 3D seismic data acquisition, processing, interpretation and familiarisation of local personnel in the use of seismic equipment.

The French firm is also assisting field operation by providing foreign expert manpower and local consultant and emergency supply of spares, consumables, software, critical & special logistics and trouble shooting on short notice.

“CGG Veritas will help Bapex conduct 3D surveys of its own in future,” Faruque said.

All the five fields under the 3D survey programmes were discovered during the 1960s but no extensive surveys were conducted before to confirm the exact size of their reserves.

Petrobangla officials said, initial recoverable reserves estimated in these fields were around 11 Tcf with over 7.0 Tcf already been depleted after years of consumption.


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