BJRI scientist invents tech to produce paper pulp from Dhanicha

BJRI scientist invents tech to produce paper pulp from Dhanicha

DHAKA, Jan 13 (BSS)- A Bangladeshi scientist has invented a technology to produce newsprint paper and packaging materials from Dhanicha, a locally produced jute like fibrous plant.

Sheikh Abul Hasib, a Senior Scientific Officer (SSO) of Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI), invented the technology to produce molded pulp from fiber of Dhanicha to make paper and packaging materials.

Dhanicha, so far known as a weed that extensively grows across the country, is now usually used for fencing and fuel purposes in rural areas.

But, Hasib said, it would be a major source of pulp for manufacturing paper and packaging materials in coming days.

paper and packaging materials to be produced from Dhanicha will be less expensive and can be recycled after a life-cycle, the scientist said.

Manufacturing stage of the technology is over and BJRI will take initiative for patent of the technology, Hasib, who took three years time for this technology, said.

The know-how can be commercially used after completion of the process of the patent, he said.

Highlighting the salient feature of the new technology, Hasib said paper pulp can be produced from Dhanicha in normal atmospheric pressure and 60 to 80 degree centigrade temperature.

The pulp to be made under the process will be fully free from sulfur and chlorine, he said.

Hasib said, level of consumption of fuel in this technology is also very low as both `digestion’ and `bleaching’ of the fiber are done at the same time. For this purpose, he said, environment friendly chlorine dioxide (clo2) instead of chlorine (ci) is used.

Director general of BJRI Dr Kamal Uddin said the institute would give a public announcement about the innovation very soon. We are trying to procure a `digester’ which is required to make molded pulp from the fiber, he said.

“I firmly believe that the technology will be epoch making innovation for the country,” he said, adding, “I hope that it will be the cheapest technology to produce paper pulp in the world”.

Abul Hasib said, as cultivation of Dhanicha is very easy and it is produced round the year allover the country, supply of raw materials will be possible.

“The new technology will save valuable bamboo, wood and jute resources of the country which are now being used widely for producing paper pulp destroying the country’s forests and environment,” he said.

The BJRI DG said at the directives of Minister of Textiles and Jute Abdul Latif Siddiqui, the institute initiated the project to invent technology for diversified use of jute and jute products.

The invention of the technology of producing paper pulp from Dhanicha plant is a part of that endeavour, he said.


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