Rangpur Dairy proving a resounding success


Rangpur Dairy proving a resounding success

Fresh Milk from RD Milk. Source: http://www.rdmilk.org/

Our Correspondent

RANGPUR, Jan 10: The Rangpur Dairy (RD) Milk processing factory at Boldipukur in Mithapukur Upazila of the district has provided solvency to hundreds of monga-hit poor people in Rangpur.

These poor people are now rearing cows at home and selling milk to factory, first ever small private industry set up in the district after the commissioning of Jamuna Bridge.

Rangpur Dairy Milk undertook a laudable step earlier, to support the poor providing cows on easy terms to produce milk at home so that they might be benefited financially.

RD Milk Manager Ashraful Alam said, “We provided 425 cows among 375 families of Salaipur and Muradpur under Mithapukur Upazila.

He said, “The Company not only aims to do business but also wants to create a financially sound community in the process.”

He said, “RD Milk has not donated the cows to the beneficiaries free of cost. They have to pay the purchase rate of the cows in exchange of supplying milk to the factory for a certain period. When the prices of the cows are completely realised, the authority would transfer ownership of the animals to them.” he said.

Motin Miah at Muradpur in Mithapukur Upazila who received two cows from RD Milk said that he paid the price of the cow to the company. He is now milking 30 litres out of which earning Tk 750 a day.

RD Milk Managing Director Foqruzzaman said, the poor people of Rangpur as well as dairy farmers in the district are getting benefit from RD. He said the dairy farmers in Rangpur who were in utter frustration and were about to close their farms due to frequent losses even two years back are now getting profit by selling milk to RD Milk.

RD Milk has now been producing full cream milk through Ultra High Temperature (UHT) method. Only three companies in the country were producing full cream milk through UHT method. The companies include Pran, Akiz and RD milk.

“We are now supplying the milk products to Dhaka and other parts of the country including the northern districts. At present, about 15000 litres of milk are being processed a day in the industry”.

Foqruzzaman told The Financial Express, “We have a plan to turn RD Milk as one of the biggest milk processing industry of the country so that about 30,000 dairy farmers of Rangpur and its adjoining districts may get benefit.”

He said the authority has completed preparation to produce RD Butter, RD Tea, and RD Sweets. He however expressed his dissatisfaction at the absence of gas supply through pipeline and adequate electricity in Rangpur.

The production cost will be reduced at least 50 percent if there is uninterrupted gas supply. Power shortage also often hampers production resulting in loss to the company, he added.

Regarding prospect of RD Milk, FBCCI Vice-president and former President of Rangpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mostafa Azad Choudhury said it is the first ever industry of its kind set up in Rangpur with the Equity Entrepreneur Fund (EEF) of Bangladesh Bank. He expressed optimism that RD Milk might help a lot in bringing socio-economic change in Rangpur.


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