BPC to install two more oil storage tanks


BPC to install two more oil storage tanks

DHAKA, Jan 09: The Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) will install two new oil storage tanks at Parbatipur under Dinajpur and Maheshwarpasha of Khulna districts to store petroleum products. The BPC has decided to increase its storage capacity as demand and consumption of petroleum products increased this year to run the rental power plants. The capacity of Baghabari oil storage tank will also be increased to store imported fuel in future as the PDB will need more diesel and furnace oil to produce electricity.  According to the BPC, it will have to increase its import by more than 40 percent as the government plans to generate 1350 MW of electricity from rental power plants which would use diesel and furnace oil. BPC chairman Anwarul Karim said around four lakh metric tons of diesel and furnace oil would be required this year to run the rental power plants.

The energy ministry sought Expression of Interest Letters from the private sector to install new oil storage tank to store increased amount of petroleum product, official sources said. Bangladesh imports around 3.5 million tons of oil every year at a cost between $2.5 and $3.5 billion.


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