85,917 tonnes of aromatic rice produced in Rangpur zone


85,917 tonnes of aromatic rice produced in Rangpur zone

RANGPUR, Jan 3 (BSS): The farmers produced an all-time record quantity of 85,917 tonnes aromatic rice in eight districts under Rangpur Agriculture Zone (RAZ) during the just ended T-Aman season, officials said today.

Officials of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said the farmers had brought record 46,816 hectares under aromatic rice farming this time and they cultivated the same on only 29,498 hectares last season in the zone.

The enthusiastic farmers cultivated aromatic rice this time on more land as its farming has been gaining increased popularity because of huge demand and lucrative market prices.

The DAE, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), research organisations and some NGOs have also been effectively working to popularise and expand the farming of aromatic rice.

The officials expected brighter prospects of increased aromatic rice farming and its exports in future, as the farmers are being provided with the quality seeds, inputs and latest technologies.

DAE’s additional director of RAZ Mohsin Ali told the news agency that the farmers have produced 85,917 tonnes of aromatic rice from 46,816 hectares and got an average yield rate of 1.835 tonnes of aromatic rice per hectare this season.

The farmers cultivated aromatic variety BRRI Dhan 34 on 26,995 hectares, Kataribhog on 14,117, Badshabhog on 2,354, Kalijira on 2,065, Nenia on 1,072 and Bolder variety aromatic rice on 800 hectares land this season in the zone.

They also cultivated Basmati on 570 hectares, Chinigura on 498, Dhekibhog on 370, Tilkapur on 524, Zirashail on 215, Begunbichi on 172 and Rasulbhog, Uknimadhu, Dulabhog varieties on more 190 hectares, he said.

Rice scientist Dr MA Mazid predicted enormous prospects for all varieties of aromatic rice and added that the medium low- land is suitable for its large-scale and commercial production through making necessary seeds easily available.

He urged for an increased cultivation of high yielding varieties aromatic rice suitable for the topographic and climatic conditions in the region as the Basmati, Chinigura, Kalijira and BRRI Dhan 34 being produced here are of international standards.


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