1131 MW added to national grid in two years


1131 MW added to national grid in two years

DHAKA, Jan 04 (BSS) – The present government has added 1131 MW power to the national grid after taking charge on January 6, 2009.

According to the official source, another 1350 MW from the quick rental power plants will be added to the national grid by April 2011.

Since the generation of electricity is not enough to meet the demand, the authority is handling the situation through different measures including load management, energy saving and gas rationing programmes. However, the gap between supply and demand of power exist and it varies from 1300 MW to 2000 MW.

A senior official of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) said 500 to 700 MW power could not be produced due to gas shortage while some power plants always remain inoperative because of rehabilitation and maintenance work which reduces power generation and supply further.

“Therefore, we actually shed or manage the peak hours demand by shedding 300 MW during winter and 800 MW during summer season,” the official said.

Though the gap between demand and supply of power remains high, yet it is a significant success to add 1131 MW to national grid in two years, he added.

BPDB chairman ASM Alamgir Kabir told BSS that the government has the plan to produce 2087 MW power more by 2012 and another 2000 MW by 2013.

By 2014, another 1670 MW and by 2015 about 3050 MW will be added to the national grid, he said. As per its election pledge, the present government has the plan to add 9,426 MW power to the national grid by 2015.

“We produce 300 MW from the quick rental, however, we already signed agreements with different bidders to install quick rental, rental, small IPPs and peaking power plants that would come into operation within next few years,” he said.

The BPDB chairman said if Petrobnagla could supply adequate quantity of energy to run the power plants, then it would be possible to make country free from loadshedding by the end of 2013.


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