Govt to make Ctg Chemical operational next year

Govt to make Ctg Chemical operational next year

The government hopes to complete three major tasks in the industrial sector including cut dependence on import of Urea fertiliser and resume production at Chittagong Chemical Complex (CCC) in the coming year.

Though the Industries Ministry could not resume production at the CCC and give final shape to Shahjalal Fertiliser Factory this year as pledged earlier, it hopes to complete the two major tasks next year.

The annual demand of Urea in the country is about 2.83 million tonnes and the country address the demand mostly depending on import from Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

While talking to UNB, Industries Minister Dilip Barua said they hope to implement all the plans they had taken this year.

“There are a number of successes. I don’t think any major task was left half-done last year. New National Industrial Policy 2010, keeping fertiliser production smooth despite gas crisis and introduction of digital-purji are three major successes we achieved this year,” he said.


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