Walton displays wide-range of products at DITF


Walton displays wide-range of products at DITF
Economic Reporter

Walton, one of the popular electronics brands of the country, introduced the largest size fridge at the Dhaka International Trade Fair-2009, which is drawing huge attention to the large number of visitors and customers.

Price of the 810-litre mega size refrigerator has been fixed at Tk 119,000. The fridge has created huge attraction among the visitors and customers.
“The fridge is the largest one in the country,” claimed a salesman of the company.

Besides, selling price of Walton 12 cft fridge, which is the normal size, is Tk 21,700 and the same product of other companies will cost around Tk 30,000, he added.
Walton has introduced a wide range of product including -11 varieties of motorcycles, 13 models of television and 19 types of refrigerator at the fair.
The company has been offering special ‘gift card’ at the time of purchase of Walton product.

A customer will get one gift card if he/she buys a product ranging Tk 7,000 and two gift card will be given if one purchase products above Tk 30,000.

Lucky winners will get Tk 200 to a Walton Motorcycle as gift card prize. On the other hand, one can get a free dinner set by purchasing a Walton motorcycle. Meanwhile, Marcel brand fridge, washing machine, generator, energy saving bulb, DVD player, VCD, microwave woven, wristwatch, industrial generator are available at competitive price at their pavilion.

Walton electronics and motorcycle, which are the concerns of RB Group, have already gained popularity among the local customers due to product quality and competitive price, said sources.

RB Group has wide-range of products including television, remote control motorcycle, steam microwave oven, power tiller freeze, air conditioner, generator, energy saving lamp, and other handy electronic products are also available at the Walton pavilion.


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